Autoimmune Diseases

#54: Autoimmune Protocol w/ Mickey Trescott, The Nutrient-Dense Kitchen


Mickey Trescott is a chef and certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner who helps people succeed on allergen-free diets like the Autoimmune Protocol, otherwise known as the AIP elimination diet.

Mickey is a former vegan and has an amazing story to share about her journey discovering that she had two autoimmune diseases and finding her way to recovery. She’s a leader in the community of the autoimmune paleo protocol. Her first book is called The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook which has won awards and became a national best-seller. She runs a website called and a podcast called The Autoimmune Wellness Podcast. She also helped co-write a guidebook called “the Autoimmune Wellness handbook” which helps you through so much more than the diet, like how to be an informed patient and address all areas of your life than can affect your autoimmune condition.

Mickey and Angie now teach and certify other healthcare practitioners to become AIP certfiied coaches, so needless to say Mickey is an absolute EXPERT in the field of autoimmune wellness and dieting. Her new book just came out and it’s called “The Nutrient-Dense Kitchen” which focuses on an often overlooked but vital element of the AIP diet which is to eat foods that are rich in nutrients so that you can support the healing process with great success.

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Disclaimer: Consult with your doctor or functional medicine practitioner before trying any of the remedies or protocols mentioned in this episode. Mickey Trescott and Marisa Moon are not physicians or medical practitioners. This information and recording is for informational and educational purposes only.

Points of Discussion:
What is an autoimmune disease?
Mickey’s story experiencing symptoms at age 26
– 6 doctor’s later she was diagnosed with 2 Autoimmune Diseases: Celiac Disease and Hashimotos Thyroiditis
– “Normal” thyroid panel test results even with a thyroid autoimmune disease
– Needed to request specific tests for Thyroid such as Free T3 and Free T4
– Vegan Gluten-Free Diet made her conditions worse
– Eating meat for the first time made her feel good right away
– Mickey started to share what she’s learned about eating and cooking for autoimmune disease
What’s the AIP Diet?
– More than a Diet, it’s a process or protocol to identify foods that trigger symptoms for you as an individual
– Starts with an elimination phase (research based): grains, legumes, nuts, eggs, dairy, seeds, nightshades and foods derived from those groups
– Take those foods out 1-3 months and then reintroduce to see what works and what doesn’t (starting with least inflammatory foods first)
– Elimination stage is so important, 100% compliance, to calm the immune system
– Nutrient-density is the other half of the equation (besides elimination) because they provide materials to heal your body
Nutrient Dense Foods that are often left out:
– organ meats, bone broth, colorful/seasonal fruits and veggies, cold-water fatty fish, shellfish, grass-fed pasture-raised meats, fermented foods.
Some of the signs to look for when you reintroduce foods during the protocol:
– any symptoms return, skin issues and digestive changes are big ones. Mood changes and sleep disturbances, fatigue, joint pain, and brain fog or hangover feelings.
The Gut is Skin and includes our digestive tract.
– Our skin reflects the health of our digestive tract.
Unexpected symptoms:
– When Mickey accidentally eats gluten she notices a change in her mood, she’s more irritable, irrational and emotionally unstable.
– When Marisa drinks coffee too regularly it makes her more stressed out and emotionally unstable.
Mickey shares her story about weaning off of a major coffee addiction.
– You can be sensitive to caffeine and not the coffee bean or vice versa. (the former is often for people with adrenal and thyroid disorders)
– The amount of nutrients in relation to the amount of energy/calories in a certain food
– Our food system is flooded with nutrient-poor foods that fill us up but don’t offer anything regarding nourishment.
– When you have autoimmune disease you especially need nutrients to heal whatever your immune is damaging in your condition.
– She wrote “The Nutrient Dense Kitchen” because the importance of nutrient-density has gotten lost in the growing field of AIP and Paleo.
– Nutrient Density is important for everyone, not just autoimmunity.
– Seasonal (and local) foods are most dense with nutrients, such as local wild berries
– Wild plants have to defend themselves which means more nutrients
– The most nutrient-dense animal proteins are cold-water fatty fish and shellfish. Next is