What I Eat in a Day on the autoimmune protocol AIP (Paleo)!


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Here’s a sneak peek at what I eat on the autoimmune protocol AIP (paleo)…on a summer’s day.

I tend to eat more seasonally, and I change up what I eat daily, so I explain some variations or other options I may eat in the summer in the video.

Links I mention in the video:

AIP Morning Smoothie Recipe by The Paleo Mom – I use water not green juice, freeze the banana, and sometimes add a little bit of frozen pineapple or fresh blueberries.

AIP Morning Smoothie

My Favorite Glass Snapware Food Storage Containers – I bought mine at my local Costco, but you can buy them on Amazon here too:

Wild Zora Meat & Veggie Bars Pork & Apple Flavor

Epic Bison Bacon Cranberry Bars

CHOMPS Grass Fed Meat Sticks AIP Variety Pack – My FAVORITE AIP meat snack!

Paleo Angel Power Balls – Vanilla Cupcake & Carob Fudge Cake are my favorites!

Recipe for Honey Chicken Dippers by Grazed and Enthused – a family favorite and so great for leftovers!

Honey Chicken Dippers (Paleo, AIP)

My favorite AIP taco meat recipe! I switch it up and use ground turkey instead of ground beef sometimes, or you can use ground bison too!

Cronometer – for tracking nutrients if you want! So great for seeing if you get a variety of nutrients day to day…I do not use this often but its a great option!

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