Terrible wheezing and occasional coughing fits, but not Asthma : Asthma

Hi. My first post and I’m looking for help. I have asthma again as an adult. I had it bad as a kid and it went away around 18. now at 56 i have it again although it’s pretty mild. It’s been about 3 years and I take daily Ultibro inhaler which keeps it under control

But for 2 weeks now I have terrible wheezing and occasional severe coughing fits that make sleep almost impossible. Doesn’t seem like an infection as I have no fever or any other symptoms.

Went to my asthma specialist after a few days of that but she said it’s probably just a virus and will heal itself.

But it’s not going away and seems like it’s getting worse. My O2 levels are absolutely fine and it certainly doesn’t feel like asthma. But I really want this to clear up. I’m taking like 10 Mucinex tablets a day and it seems to help bring up a little phlegm but not a lot

Any ideas/suggestions???

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