[Serious] My close friend was just diagnosed with Chronic Bronchitis and Asthma but no COPD. How is that possible? : Asthma

She is 42, a bit overweight and she has always had a lot of allergies. Her nose is always runny and she is whizzing and low energy.

Her FEV1/FVC is 72% and 78% post bronchodilator. Her FEV1 went from 69% to 78% post bronchodilator.

I can understand the Asthma diagnosis but how can she be diagnosed with Chronic Bronchitis with these specs? And I guess it’s not COPD because FEV1/FVC is above 70%.

Chronic Bronchitis is it reversible? She was prescribed a lot of things, including Agumentin (antibiotic)

Most importantly, 6-9 months before she went to Iceland and her breathing was perfect and had lots of energy, as she is currently living in a very polluted city. So could it be just a constant allergy instead of “chronic” Bronchitis?

Please let me know if you can help me understand better this new situation Thanks!

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