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Human Papillomavirus Infections | Medicine Lectures | Student Education | V-Learning

Human Papillomavirus Infections is the mainstay of this Infectious Medicine lecture. Comprehensive explanation about its Pathogenesis, prevention, and treatment is provided in this V-Learning™.

Lecture Duration – 00:41:29
Release Date – February 2020

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Human papillomavirus is a virus that follows a skin to skin route of transmission. Initially in this Human Papillomavirus Infections lecture, medical students will learn about the virus itself.

Then, the Pathogenesis of human papillomavirus is explained. After that, normal and HPV infected cells are differentiated in this papillomavirus student lecture.

Moving onward, this online papillomavirus lecture educates you about the immune response to HPV infection. Following this, clinical manifestations of HPV infection in male, female, and in both males and females are explained.

Furthermore, the papillomavirus Infections video emphasizes the importance of the prevention of HPV infection. To prevent the HPV infection, information about the HPV vaccine is provided.

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Coming towards the treatment of human papillomavirus Infections, a variety of options can be adopted. These include podophyllotoxin, sinecatechins, imiquimod, cryotherapy, surgical removal, laser, and interferon.

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Besides that, the counselling of human papillomavirus Infections is also discussed at the end of this lecture.

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