Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

Disorders of Menstrual Cycles | Gynaecology Clinical Lecture | V-Learning Medical

In this lecture ´´Disorders of Menstrual Cycles´´ are explained. Section one is about ´´Dysmenorrhea´´. At first, educator talks about dysmenorrhea. Then primary dysmenorrhea is explained. Following this, association with pain is discussed. Moreover, causes of pain are highlighted. In the end, other factors of pain are elaborated.

Section two is about ‘’Primary Dysmenorrhea: Clinical Features’’. Initially, educator focuses clinical features. Symptoms are also discussed. After that information is revealed about treatment. Treatment includes general measures, drugs, and surgery. In the end, management of primary dysmenorrhea is pursued.

Section three is about ‘’Secondary Dysmenorrhea’’. Firstly, educator gives an overview of secondary dysmenorrhea along with explanation of causes of pain. Then clinical features are reported. Subsequently, educator tells that its treatment depends on the severity, age and parity of the patient. At last, ovarian dysmenorrhea is elaborated.

Section four is about ‘’Syndromes of Menstrual Cycle’’. Earlier in this section, educator discusses Mittelschmerz’s syndrome. After that factors associated with ovular pain are highlighted. Then pelvic congestion syndrome is explained. Alongside, educator talks about its symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

Section five is about ‘’Premenstrual Syndrome’’. Educator’s prime focus is the elucidation of premenstrual syndrome. Next, its pathophysiology is discussed. Likewise, treatment is pursued. After that information about drugs for PMS is given. In the end, suppression of ovarian cycle is elaborated.
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Lecture Duration: 00:45:19
Released: September 2018

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