Considering places to move for my asthma. Will vacation there first, of course. : Asthma

Looking for a better place to live air quality wise. I am absolutely miserable with allergies, and developed adult-onset asthma here in my 30s. I’ll be in a position to move just about anywhere in the next 1-2 years career wise (hopefully rates come down too). Doing everything I can on the medical side, but if getting out of Indiana helps me breathe normal again, I’ll do it. I’m single, no kids, not close with my family. Just have a house to sell and I’d be free to go anywhere.

Currently considering taking some trips to Maine (Eastport is adorable), North Carolina mountains, maybe New Mexico (no plants) or Colorado/Montana (highest air quality right now per asthmaforecast) to see if those areas help alleviate my asthma. I’ve also heard that living close to an ocean helps keep the air clean, and living near an ocean does sound wonderful.

Has anyone moved and seen their allergies/asthma more or less disappear? If so, where did you go?

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