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Our team has decades of combined experience in the sleep product industry. We’ve researched the best memory foam pillows on the market by rigorously testing hundreds of the best-rated pillows available. Our sleep testers have a range of body types and sleep position preferences, allowing us to better understand what works best for a wide variety of sleepers.

What Types of Memory Foam Pillows Are There?

Memory foam pillows are made with either a single piece of foam or a case filled with shredded foam, and each type is available in various shapes and designs. Memory foam itself is made from treated polyurethane foam. The treatment process results in a foam that molds closely to your body to reduce pressure and tension. Once you get up, the memory foam regains its original shape.

While solid memory foam pillows are made from memory foam alone, some shredded foam pillows may contain a mix of memory foam and ordinary polyfoam, or a mix of memory foam and a down alternative.

Solid memory foam pillows tend to be more supportive and are sometimes shaped to provide targeted support to your neck and spine. They may have removable inserts, but they generally aren’t very adjustable. Shredded memory foam pillows, on the other hand, are usually less supportive, but their shape can easily be adjusted to suit your needs.

Because memory foam pillows can sometimes sleep hot, solid pillows may have tiny holes drilled through them. Pillows that use shredded memory foam have a bit of an advantage, since they already have good airflow around the irregular foam pieces that make up their fill. Additional features, like foam or fabric with cooling properties, can also help a pillow stay at a comfortable temperature.

In terms of firmness, most memory foam pillows are medium soft or medium. However, many shredded memory foam pillows have adjustable firmnesses based on how much foam you add or remove.

  • One-piece (solid foam) pillows: Solid memory foam pillows are available in a traditional pillow style or shaped to give your neck and shoulders better support. People with neck or back pain may prefer this style. These pillows also tend to have higher lofts than shredded foam pillows, making them better for side and back sleepers.
  • Shredded foam pillows: Shredded foam pillows are usually shaped like a traditional pillow. They also feel more like a traditional pillow since they allow your head to sink more deeply. However, this style also provides less targeted support. Shredded foam pillows often make a good choice for side, stomach, and combination sleepers.

Sizing Options for Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam pillows are usually available in standard, queen, and king sizes. Standard size pillows are appropriate for most people, but larger pillows allow you to use the full width of a queen or king size mattress. Unique pillow shapes and sizes, such as memory foam wedge pillows or body pillows, are also available.

The height, or loft, of a pillow tends to vary depending on design. The width and length of a pillow may also differ depending on the manufacturer, but most follow the standard dimensions. 

Memory Foam Pillow Sizes

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