Acne causes | 8 reasons why you are still suffering from acne| Dr. Ann

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In this video I am going through causes of acne and reasons why you are probably still having difficulties with clearing up your acne. Alot of people suffer from acne and the reason why everthing you have tried never worked was the fact that you never got to the root cause of why you have acne. you have been treating the symptom instead of the primary cause. i hope this video will help you figure out which category you fall under so that you have a targeted approach in treating your skin problems. i will be dropping a video soon on how to treat your acne now that you know the root cause.

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A review of the role of sebum in the mechanism of acne pathogenesis
Xinchao Li, Congfen He, Zhou Chen, Cheng Zhou, Yao Gan, Yan Jia
Journal of cosmetic dermatology 16 (2), 168-173, 2017,milk%20than%20in%20skim%20milk.

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