9 root causes of acne

Are you someone who suffers from acne — perhaps on your face, on your back, even on your arms? Maybe you’ve had it since puberty, and still has not resolved.

We’re going to dive into the gut skin axis today and some of the reasons why you need to look inside as opposed to simply just putting on things on the outside — from a logical standpoint — or even taking medications to reduce it.

00:00 Introduction
00:30 What you need to know about acne
01:13 Acne cause #1: Hormonal change
01:37 Acne cause #2: Increase insulin and insulin-like growth factor
02:02 Acne cause #3: High glycemic diet
02:22 Acne cause #4: Alteration to the gut microbiome
02:54 Acne cause #5: Increased levels of linoleic acid
03:30 Acne cause #6: Whey protein
02:59 Acne cause #7: Low stomach acid
04:20 Acne cause #8: Nutrient deficiencies
04:50 Acne cause #9: Toxins

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