IGF1 in DAIRY CAUSES ACNE! (The science of HOW dairy and acne are linked FINALLY EXPLAINED!)

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Is the link between dairy and Acne a MYTH?!? – IGF1 in DAIRY CAUSES ACNE! (The science of HOW dairy and acne are linked FINALLY EXPLAINED!) I hate to break it to everyone who loves milk and cheese, but evolutionarily we are not meant to consume dairy products past the age of about 3 years old! This is why so many people are lactose intolerant! Now, unfortunately for those with acne-prone skin, high testosterone levels or excess sebum, dairy products can only make your acne worse! The question ‘Does dairy cause acne?’ gets thrown around the internet so often and the answer is yes, there is a link between milk and dairy thanks to IGF-1 (explained in the video)! There are also other ways that dairy and hormonal acne are linked which include the hormones and antibiotics given to the animals in farming practices, as well as insulin levels in the bloodstream, but these also depend on whether you are buying organic and what the rest of your lifestyle and diet looks like. So as you can see, for many reasons, the answer to ‘Does dairy cause pimples?’ is YES, it definitely can! Due to the processing of cheese, it is said that cheese and acne do not have as strong a link as milk and acne, but I would stay this is different for everyone and you would have to experiment the link between dairy and your pimples yourself. I personally do not have any dairy products. I also have another video here that teaches you how to very easily go dairy-free for acne and what a dairy-free diet for acne looks like so make sure to check that one out –