Sub Rant : Asthma

Sometimes it seems like individuals in this sub are intentionally rude or non-helpful for absolutely no reason.

For example, if someone asks about a medication or something that they are currently experiencing surrounding a medication, users are very quick to respond with “you don’t need to ask reddit these questions you need to consult with your doctor” well, duh, I’m pretty sure they know that and already plan to do that, but it’s nice to get an opinion or viewpoint from others WHO ACTUALLY HAVE ASTHMA and experience. Not just speaking to the doctor which is a no brainer.

If you’ve had asthma for any period of time, you likely know how frustrating it is when doctors don’t listen to you, don’t believe what you’re telling them, etc. Having a community of people who have this condition with shared experiences is likely extremely helpful for a lot of people.

I just don’t understand why some people are so incredibly rude and diminishing in this sub.

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