Best Latex Pillows of 2022

Who Is a Latex Pillow Best For?

Every sleeper has different pillow needs when it comes to support and comfort. An ideal pillow depends on body type, sleep position, and personal preferences. 

Whether you opt for a latex pillow or a different style, it’s important that your pillow encourages proper spinal alignment. Side and back sleepers and those with neck pain often benefit from a latex pillow’s firm support. However, a latex pillow that is very thick or dense can distort spinal alignment for stomach sleepers. 

While many manufacturers claim their pillow is hypoallergenic, people with latex allergies should still avoid latex pillows. 

We’ll discuss which types of sleepers are most likely to benefit from a latex pillow. 

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers need a supportive pillow that minimizes the gap between their neck and mattress. Latex pillows typically achieve this since they’re relatively dense and have a higher loft. Side sleepers who switch to latex pillows often find that they no longer need to fold their pillow in half to generate extra loft. 

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers generally do well with a moderately firm, medium-loft latex pillow. This combination keeps the spine level for most back sleepers over 130 pounds. Back sleepers under 130 pounds don’t sink as deeply into the mattress, so they require a higher loft pillow to maintain neutral spine alignment. 

Those With Neck Pain

Pillows that lack support can cause neck pain. A sturdy latex pillow can prevent or minimize tension by enforcing good cervical alignment. 

Hot Sleepers

As a naturally breathable material, latex is a good choice for people who tend to sleep hot. Shredded latex pillows have excellent airflow, but solid latex models sleep cooler than most memory foam, polyester, and down pillows. 

How to Pick a Latex Pillow

Sleep comfort differs on an individual basis and depends on many factors. While there isn’t a perfect pillow that satisfies every sleeper, some styles work with certain sleep positions and body types better than others. 

Adjustable models can be helpful for sleepers who don’t know what type of pillow offers the best support for their needs. Some shredded latex pillows have zippered covers that allow users to add or remove fill, which makes it easy for sleepers to experiment with different lofts and feels. Adjustable models are also a good solution for people whose preferences change over time. 

What Kind of Support Do You Need?

Latex conforms to the body yet doesn’t compress as much as other materials. As such, latex pillows encourage head and neck alignment while preventing pressure points from forming. 

With a sturdy design, latex pillows are a good choice for sleepers who need extra support. People with chronic neck pain and sleepers over 230 pounds can benefit from their relatively dense cores. 

Shoppers should consider their sleep position, body type, and support needs when choosing a latex pillow. For example, our testing revealed that side sleepers over 230 pounds feel most supported on a solid Dunlop model. 

What Is the Best Pillow Loft?

Loft indicates a pillow’s relative height. Since your pillow’s loft determines how elevated your head is, it plays a critical role in support and neck alignment. 

Pillows that are less than 3 inches are considered low loft. Medium-loft pillows are 3 to 5 inches, and high-loft models are taller than 5 inches. 

The right loft for you largely depends on your sleep position.  

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