SLIT vs SCIT for fatigue levels (and also run training)

(SLIT = sublingual immunotherapy SCIT= subcutaneous in case anyone is like ??)

Hey all,

So I am currently on SLIT for grass and ragweed allergy. Started Nov 2022.

I saw one of those ENT allergists due to the crazy wait time to see a real allergist where I live (9+ months..I still waited 6 for the ENT) and the fact that I live far from the allergists and had no fam doc to administer the shots.

But…. I did just get a family doctor and so now could potentially get SCIT instead of SLIT…

I'm wondering:

1) what are your experiences with SLIT or SCIT. Or SLIT vs SCIT has anyone tried both? How long did it take to notice a difference with SLIT?

2) terrible fatigue and increase in asthma symptoms with SLIT? The ENTs nurse says fatigue isn't a side effect, but not sure how that's possible given that I get fatigue during allergy season and I'm being exposed to the same thing that causes my allergy so…

3) Has anyone tried to train intensely for endurance sport while on SCIT? I'm thinking SCIT could be easier to manage with my training load (runner), I could schedule it for the start of a down week or a rest day, so if I'm fatigued and down for a day or two it would be easier to manage vs being moderately to heavily fatigued constantly.

I'm also just thinking that seeing a real allergist vs the ENT will provide me with more information/maybe they can recommend other treatments (biologics?)/lifestyle management that would maybe help?

I also don't think the ENT knows that much about asthma…He seems nice and I'm sure he's great at what he does but I think his knowledge stops at the level of the larynx lol and the allergy stuff is mostly a $$$ maker for them (the clinic also does a lot of botox/fillers). I know they have an american group or whatever that him and the nurse are part of but it doesn't really seem regulated…

He did confirm no nasal polyps or other nasal abnormalities so that helpful, but only spent about 5 minutes in the room + it's been hard to get ahold of them when I'm having issues with treatment (follow up is once every 8 months + the clinic receptionist is a total dragon lady so it's difficult to questions answered from them in general).

Thanks all!

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