New Novavax Covid-19 Vaccine : Asthma

Hi All!

Kind of a wild ride here figuring out my asthma over the last few years….


i found out i had allergic asthma (cats) in 2017 and was put on an albuterol inhaler. ( i have some asthma in the family but did not have any issues until my early twenties)

I was a smoker for 8 years with very little asthma issue. Sometimes id smoke too much and take my rescue… eventually i quit. Pandemic hits, so we all switch to telehealth. I get a new doc and i tell her that my breathing just could be better. She puts me on flovent.. From there i wasnt sure if i was really getting better? So i have been on flovent for about 2 years and honestly im really wondering if its making me worse. I have had to use neublizers and my rescue more. I have had to take prednisone when i miss flovent and when im on the prednisone i feel like my breathing is perfect. I slept much better. My mood was better and my anxiety was better. I felt like my old self before flovent.

I recently went through a week of no flovent while on prednisone and the day i took my flovent again my lungs felt tight and m,y nose felt stuffy. I got short of breath and my head hurt. I dont sleep as well and i cough more. im wondering if the med is creating the problem because there is no reason my asthma should be getting worse and worse without change. I dont want to settle for shitty breathing.

Im starting to wonder if i even need this inhaler and how to get an asthma treatment that makes me feel as good as when im on the prednisone. Now im in this loop where if i dont take flovent i get short of breath and rebound but if i do take it, im really only living at like a 6/10 with my asthma health. Now i dont know what is up and what is down, all i know is that i have seen a light as to what healthy breathing looks like on prednisone and i want to feel that way all the time.

I have an appointment with my doctor this week and would LOVE some recommendations on what to ask and inquire about as far as treatment and diagnosis goes.

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