Nature’s Bounty For Treating Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a hormonal disorder. The condition occurs when the thyroid gland located in the neck area, secretes thyroxin below the normal secretion level. It is extremely important to cure the disorder as soon as possible because it is thyroxin that controls the secretion of other hormones in the body. It also helps in proper functioning of the metabolism of the body. In fact, this hormonal disorder is linked with other physical disorders like obesity and hair loss.

To prevent the adverse effects of hypothyroidism, it is necessary to first get the problem diagnosed properly. For this the first thing that is required is to recognize all the symptoms that characterize hypothyroidism. Some of these symptoms are


Rapid increase in body weight

Hair loss

Intolerance towards cold


Heavy periods in women especially right before menopause

Pain in joints and muscles

Dry and very rough pale skin


Hearing problems

Decrease in mental abilities

Lack of proper sleep

Low fertility

Less of sweating

Distorted speech

Constant numbness in arm and leg muscles

These symptoms may seem to be related to other individual problems. That is why it is extremely difficult to diagnose the disorder on time.

However, once the nature of the disorder is understood properly, it is not a problem to treat the disorder and restore proper functioning of the thyroid gland. The main treatment that is provided nowadays is through the intake of synthesized hormones in the form of pills or injection. But now, yet another way of treating hypothyroidism has been discovered. It is the absolutely natural and complete herbal. There are various herbs that are being used in the medical world to create the best herbal medicines for the treatment of hypothyroidism. Some of these herbs are –

Mullein leaves – they have some of the best healing properties. They help in reducing inflammation caused in the muscles and thyroid tissues.

Lobelia – though not much has been researched about this herbal plant, it is being used for various health treatments. It usually helps the body in getting rid of all toxins.

Bladder wrack – also known as Fucus vesiculosus. It is an excellent stimulant and a good source of iodine. The herb is usually taken in the form of capsules or simply as tea.

Irish Moss – the herb is used for boosting the immune system of the body while it is trying to recover from some serious illness.

Cayenne – the herbs causes the body to sweat and cleanse itself of all kinds of toxins that lead to inflammation

Coleus – this is one of the most useful herbs. It helps in restoring the proper functioning of the thyroid gland so that thyroxin can be easily excreted at the normal level.

St. John’s Wort – the herb is extremely useful in the treatment of depression which will further help in boosting the immune system of the body

Kelp – this is one of the most important sources of iodine which is much needed for the treatment of goiter.

These are just a few herbs that can be used for treatment of hypothyroidism. A word of caution – make sure that you consult an expert herbalist before trying any of these medicinal herbs.

Source by Ryan English