Major Depressive Disorder (MDD): Symptoms and Treatments

Symptoms such as low mood, hopelessness, changes in appetite, sleep patterns, or loss of interest in hobbies may raise a concern for clinical depression.

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Director: Ramadhan Istabaq
Supervisor: Ibrahim Pyke
Researcher: Syaima Saputri
Storyboard Artist: Bima Bhirawa
Illustrator: Rizky Yurizal, Hussein Shibghotulloh
Animator: Yoga Pangestu, Putra Ibrahim
Sfx Designer: Rafly Moravia
Subtitler: Wulanita Kuswotanti
Narrator: Ross Hill

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00:00 Depression
00:30 Pathological reactions
00:56 Some features of major depression
01:10 Case for urgency
01:27 Economic burden of major depressive disorder
02:08 Precursor for depression in women
02:14 Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder
02:22 Prenatal dan postpartum depression
02:28 Perimenopausal depression
02:43 Deteriorating mental health of young adults
03:28 Diagnosis, signs, and symptoms
03:58 Symptoms
05:27 Severity
06:00 Etiology
06:08 Biological factors
06:29 Psychological factors
06:41 Social causes
07:02 Treatment
07:43 Drugs
09:06 Duration of treatment
09:32 Magic mushroom
09:49 Hidden benefit of magic mushroom