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QUALITY HEALTH ADVICE on foods that cause acne. When it comes to your diet, there’s foods you can eat that will help combat acne; however, there’s also foods you should steer clear of that cause acne. Stay tuned to learn what these foods are.

00:00 Learn from Your Mistakes
When it comes to acne and just life in general, it’s important you learn from your mistakes. Be mindful of the products you use, the lifestyle you live, and the foods you put in your body. If your diet isn’t healthy and causes breakouts, and you continue to consume those foods, you’re not doing yourself any favors.

00:19 Avoid High-Glycemic Loaded Foods
Foods that are fast-digesting, such as pasta, white rice, and sugar, are mass producers of insulin. The insulin then functions as a recruiter for other hormones, especially Insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF). IGF then activates the human sex hormone, androgen, which communicates to the sebaceous gland to produce more oil. That oil underneath and on your skin then leads to pimples, breakouts, and acne. It sounds like a confusing, long process, but your body digests and operates quickly. To find the best, healthiest diet for you, check out our blog What Is the Best Diet for Men? We Review the Research: https://www.tiege.com/ytacnefood1

01:17 Cut Back on Dairy
Studies have shown that when comparing high fat and little-to-no fat dairy consumption, those who ate dairy products with a higher fat content had more severe breakouts. Also, a lot of dairy foods are insulin producers which, as we know now, leads to oil production which leads to pimples. Whey protein is an insulin producer as well, so be mindful of the protein shakes, bars, etc. you consume after the gym. Interested in learning more about the connection between dairy and acne? Read more in our blog post Does Dairy Cause Acne? We Answer This and Other Questions About Acne and Food: https://www.tiege.com/ytacnefood2

02:11 Steer Clear of Sugar
A high sugar intake can cause pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and other unsavory blemishes, so try having your coffee without the added sugar, watch out for foods you may not realize are packed with sugar, and adjust your diet accordingly. You should make sure you stay below 150 calories of sugar throughout the day. To learn more, check out our blog Could Sugar Be the Cause of Your Acne?: https://www.tiege.com/ytacnefood3

02:44 Avoid Starchy Foods
Foods packed with starch, like bread, pasta, rice, cereal, and oats, contribute to acne breakouts, as well as worsen already prevalent pimples. Those with cystic acne are especially prone to breakouts caused by these foods.

03:14 Consider Smaller More Frequent Meals
Eating smaller meals but doing so more frequently can allow you to control your appetite and suppress your hunger so you won’t eat as much of those acne-causing foods. This will cause less snacking, which oftentimes are unhealthy choices, and eventually subconsciously stop you from eating and even craving these pimple-prone foods.

03:57 Implement a Quality Skin Care Routine
Yes, it’s important you avoid these foods; however, it’s crucial you supplement your new, healthy diet with an effective skincare routine to give your skin the best fighting chance at combating and preventing acne. An uncomplicated skincare routine, like Tiege Hanley’s, is all you need, something you can do every day so you stay consistent on your regimen. The Level 1 Skin Care System comes with a face wash, exfoliating scrub, and a morning and nighttime facial moisturizer, so you have everything you need. And if you struggle with pimples and breakouts, add the acne cream to truly fight off those blemishes.

For a text-based version of this skincare advice, check out our blog Clear Skin Diet: Foods to Include and to Avoid: https://www.tiege.com/ytacnefood4
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